Who we are


Jacqui Allen

Laryngologist, WDHB

Jacqui is an international expert in Disorders of the Voice and Swallowing. Trained here, Jacqui has worked in the UK and USA. She was Visiting Assistant Professor in Laryngology and Bronchoesophagology at the University of California, Davis, until deciding to return home to NZ to establish the first Centre for Voice and Swallowing in Auckland. She is also the first in NZ to bring in-office procedures such as transnasal oesphagoscopy and KTP laser laryngology procedures. Jacqui can often be found in the University Basement with her research rats.


Michelle Wong

General Otolaryngologist with subspeciality interest in Otology, ADBH

Michelle is a Kiwi graduate who trained in Sydney and Fellowship trained in Oxford, UK. She moved back to Auckland 4 years ago to take up an Otologist position at ACH. She has a special interest in general ENT, childhood and adult ear diseases, KTP laser ear surgery and minimally invasive endoscopic ear surgery. Michelle has been involved in starting the New Zealand Dizziness and Balance Center, the first of it’s kind in NZ and has been running courses in training other ENT Surgeons with the use of the KTP in the middle ear. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. She has a very keen palate for husband-caught seafood.